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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I not see games on the portal?

This may occur for certain devices and Operating Systems. We do support most Android handsets starting with OS 4.0 and most iOS devices but if you access the portal with an older model or a very new handphone it may happen that no suitable game is available

Where can I access GamerHeaven?

Please open your browser and go to http://sa.gamerheaven.8elements.mobi. And don't forget to bookmark it!

What do I get on GamerHeaven?

GamerHeaven is a mobile games portal with hundreds of different premium games to download and play. It offers the largest variety and and diversity of any mobile games site in Saudi Arabia. Just enter http://sa.gamerheaven.8elements.mobi, browse through NEW games, TOP games or the different game categories and read more details about each game to select what you like. Have fun playing!

Why should I join GamerHeaven?

As a member of the GamerHeaven Club you enjoy many benefits. Every day, you get 1 game credit which you can exchange for game downloads. Please follow this link and check out the big advantages of a membership yourself: http://sa.gamerheaven.8elements.mobi/Club.

I bought a game but have never received it on my phone?

First, please check your download folder and whether the game is downloaded but not installed. If it sits in your download folder then please try to install it. If not, please go to your MyAccount Page and check whether the game is recorded as downloaded. You can retry a download in that case. If this does not help, please contact our Customer Service staff and tell them handset model, operating system, your mobile phone number and when you downloaded which game, please.

Why can't I become a member of the club?

We assume that you confirmed to join GamerHeaven on the portal? In some cases this does not work because we do not have received your confirmed registration including your phone number. Please switch off WIFI. If you click to join on the membership page we will redirect you to a new page on which you have to enter your mobile phone number. We will then send a code to your phone by SMS to verify that this is really you and you would simply confirm by entering this code. If you then click ENTER you become a member of Gamer Heaven.

Why can I not open the game I downloaded?

The incident of a game which is installed but does not open may have several reasons related to the game itself or your handset. Please check your handset storage, close open applications and try opening the game again. If this does not help, please contact our customer service team and report handset model, operating system and gamefile to them to further support you.

What is a game credit?

Game credits are given to you every day in order to allow downloading games from GamerHeaven. Each credit enables you to get 1 game. please check your MyAccount page for your total number of game credits and don't forget to exchange some for some great games.

How to subscribe to the GamerHeaven Club?

First, it is best to switch off WIFI and enter the Club in your mobile service network. Then click on the head banner or any "Join Now" link, "Join the Club" banner or any game's FREE button.You will be redirected to the Club page with all key benefits and terms. Confirm your subscription by clicking on the JOIN NOW or SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE or YES, I WANT TO JOIN THE CLUB button. You will then enter your mobile phone number in the provided field as well as confirm your phone number with the encrypted TAN sent to your phone by SMS (Transaction Authentication Number). Once done, we welcome you as a new member to GamerHeaven!

How can I leave the Gamer Heaven service?

We will not give you any reason to leave Gamer Heaven. Nevertheless, if you wish to unsubscribe, please go to your MYACCOUNT Page and click on UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom.

How can I download games from GamerHeaven?

Click on the game of your choice and follow the on-screen instructions to download the game on your handset. Once a game is downloaded, install it on your device.

I get an error message when I want to access Gamerheaven at sa.gamerheaven.8elements.mobi?

This can have many reasons most likely related to your phone's internet settings or browser configuration. First please check your internet settings in your handset for WEB or WAP access. Then check your 3G or 4G settings and make sure your phone is mobile data enabled. If you open your handset browser, go to your network operators site as a test. If you need help to set-up your correct SETTINGS, please contact your mobile network operator's customer care department or go into a nearby shop.